Day 6 Week 15 – Fast Finish Long Run

16 miles (8 easy pace, 4 steady, 3 tempo, 1 cool-down), cloudy & 76 degree

Another high volume workout (distance + intensity).  Incorporated the “fast finish” in my long run.  The goal was to prevent marathon fading while finishing strong.  So I ran three different paces (easy, steady,  tempo) in one run.

A first I had concerns that I would get confused switching between paces.  But when the time came, my muscle memory instinctively kicked in, and all transitions were smooth.  I believed the training runs during the week are paying off.

The fast finish long run is not an easy workout.  Because the body has to squeeze whatever energy left in me for the tempo run. As a result, I am exhausted (in a good way).  Should be able to squeeze another fast finish before the marathon.

What high volume workouts do you use?

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