Week In Review – 5 Aug 2018

Week Fifteen of my Erie Marathon training.  Total miles ran this week: 60+ (high volume week). My weight is 145 pounds and resting heart rate 54 beats per minute.

After last week’s cutback, my training this week went back to the marathon specific workouts which are characterized by high volume (distance + intensity).  My weekly mileage is the highest thus far.  And same with the intensity.

With only five more weeks left till my marathon, this trend will continue.  And thanks to my fun & fitness approach, I am feeling fine.  Not fatigue, stressed, nor injured.  Even though, my workout routines are similar to past years’, my executions have improved.

And the difference lies in substance. For example, alternating tempos, fast finish, and running on empty are workouts I have tried before. Except this time my body is responding back.  Consequently, I am taking more naps, sleeping better, and eating more at the same time.  I am happy with the progress of my training.

Have a nice week.


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