Day 2 Week 16 – The Waiting Game

8 miles easy pace, sunny & 84 degree.

It is all too familiar that life’s circumstance can traps a person in suspended animation.  These drama happens at places like waiting in the airport, hospital, traffic, etc. where one’s emotion and body are hijacked to be part of the journey.

I had the dubious fortune of this happening to me not once but twice this week.

The first time was on Sunday night when my air conditioning stopped working.  My house temperature was 84 degree and rising.  The AC was circulating the warm air and would not cool the house down. Talking about Murphy’s Law at the worst possible times!

After a miserable night with little sleep, I was motivated enough to land a repair appointment for later that day, between 4:30 and 6 pm.  No surprise that  its summer in Washington DC and many AC’s need to be repaired, my guy was running late.

Between the appointed time and when the repairman actually showed up (close to 8 pm), my life was in suspended animation.  I was on pins and needles praying that I had enough good behavior credits that my appointment would not be canceled.

Because the thought of spending another night without AC was too much for me to bear.

To be continued.

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