Day 3 Week 16 – The Waiting Game, Part 2

Part 1, here.

The second time my life got put in a suspended animation is when my mom went into the hospital.

My mother is in her mid 80’s and has an history of heart condition.  So when she complained the other night about shortness of breath and chest pain, I got her to the cardiologist the next day.

After we found out her heart was beating irregularly high, the cardiologist sent my mom to the hospital emergency room in short order.  I don’t know about you but ER is a strange place to me.

Besides people with various medical emergencies waiting to be treated, there are police, ambulance people, other first responders, and hospital staff running around in the ER.  The chaotic facade adds more drama to the place.

Reader’s Digest version of my mom’s visit to the ER is that they could not find anything abnormal that caused her irregular heartbeats.  So the doctors increased the dosage on her heart medication as a treatment to slow her heart down.

But there is a condition before she could be released:  she had to stay overnight in the hospital for observation.  With that, my life went into suspended animation.  Because one never knows what is happening in the hospital.  Information are compartmentalized and unfolding as more tests are done and symptoms develop.

So we wait. And wait. And wait – for update on my mom’s case.  People come around introducing themselves, asking questions, presumably having relevance to her case.   Also, the hospital computer was down.  So redundant questions, procedures, steps  were not uncommon.

While appreciating the care that hospital provides, I prefer to maintain my health and not be put into the same situation.  Because the wait is just too agonizing.

What experience do you have that had your life in a suspended animation? 


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