Day 3 Week 17 – Maximizing High Volume Workout

3.3 mile warm up & cool down, 3 x 2.5 mile intervals with 5 min jogging break in-between, sunny & 76 degree

Ran tempo intervals today to put some buffer  between now and Sunday for recovery.  So I will be ready for this Sunday’s Annapolis 10 milers race.

Picked the 3 x 2.5 over 2 x 5 for two reasons: 1) high volume (7:30 pace) but not overly exhausting and 2) maximizing the available time I had this morning.

And two natural consequences of the high volume workout are that I am tired and hungry.  This is where recovery is crucial part of the training.  When done right, my body will recover back to baseline and benefiting from the maximum gain.

How do you leverage recovery to benefit your training?

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