Day 4 Week 17 – Enjoy The Process

6 mile recovery pace, sunny & 78 degree.

Yesterday’s high volume workout had me recovering ever since, including this morning’s 6 miles.  Not bad to have a run that is light on my body and mind & relaxing and re-discovering the joy of running.

And this brings me to the topic of enjoy the process, a subject my fellow SRC member, YC and I talked about during our run last Saturday.

Often people set goals as motivation for themselves. Obtaining a predefined status, reaching a fixed level, completing a set project are some examples of such approach.  Nothing wrong.   Except new goals are needed when the old ones expired.

Perhaps a more inspiring alternative is to enjoy the process.  Develop a passion.  And not only hopping from goal to goal.   After all, what is the point?   Life is a journey.  Who in their right mind would hurry to its destination?

Enjoy the process.  The finer things in life such as poetry, music, and love are waiting to be discovered.  When we run, is the goal just to get it over with? What about smell the roses along the way?

In what ways do you enjoy the process?

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