Week In Review – 26 Aug 2018

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In memory of Senator John McCain.

Week Eighteen of my Erie Marathon training.  Total miles ran this week: 40.  weight is 143.5 pounds and resting heart rate 57 beats per minute.

No question the Personal Record at the Annapolis 10 miler was a big validation of my marathon training.  Racing is the real thing and different from training or dress rehearsal.  And I was able to finish strong thanks to the tempo runs I did.

Following the A-10 PR, I did the Yasso 800s for two reasons: a high volume workout and predictor for marathon.  The fact that I am continuing the intensity into the tapering is an illustration of my training mirroring Coach Greg McMillan’s philosophy.

To peak, I need to recover in these two weeks back to my baseline before the Erie Marathon.  The 18 weeks of training not only strengthened my legs but also left a lot of tightness in my body.  So while keeping the intensity of my workouts going forward, I am cutting back on the distance and stretching out my body.

Have a nice week.

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