Day 4 Week 19 – Emotional Reasoning

mental preparation & yoga stretch, no running

Preparing for a marathon takes more than just running, even though that is a big part of it.  I am getting myself ready for the Erie Marathon by attending to the non-running aspects.   Such as yoga stretch for my lower body, strengthening my upper body, and meditation to focus my emotional reasoning.

The last part on the emotional reasoning may sound oxymoron, but it happens more than people would admit.  The examples of : 1) everyone hates me because I am (fill in the blank) and 2) if you believe it you can make it happen, represent the diversity of the choices.

The emotional reasoning happens to everyone.  But it is particularly common with endurance sport participants.  Typically when one hits the “wall” or similar limits, the self doubting question, “why am I doing this?” surfaces.   And depending on how successfully one navigates through the experience, determines the outcome.

How have you dealt with emotional reasoning in racing or training?

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