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Week In Review – 30 Sep 2018

Freedom, while positive in connotation, in extreme is neither comfortable nor productive.  Cases in point are prisoners and babies.  Neither are the preferred state for any society for sustainable operation. Guarding against the extremes, freedom is checked by the concept … Continue reading

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Running As Therapy

Other than training for marathon, my running is anything but regimented. Among the things I do while running during off season include thinking about issues at large, working out practical problems, planning ahead for trips and vacations, socializing with running … Continue reading

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Free To Be Me

I am free to be me. Isn’t that always the case, you ask? Yes but, allow me to explain: I am not free if I don’t know it, feel it, or realize it. Like many, I face self imprisonment.  Shackled … Continue reading

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1 Second

What difference does one (1) second make? Answer: me not accepted into the 2019 Boston Marathon. Got the email from the Boston Athletic Association today.   It stated, “Entries in all age groups were accepted through and including those who ran … Continue reading

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The Feel of Autumn

Here in the Mid-Atlantic, Autumn is marked by a spectacular palette of the changing leaf colors.  The shortened daylight adds a vivid touch to the final quarter of the year.   Below is one of my favorite representations. For me the … Continue reading

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What’s In A Thought?

I don’t know, but I am often kept awake by a thought. Upon bedtime, random thoughts bounce around in my head. They start as a thought then another, and another.  Some can  be quite tenacious.  Saying “don’t think about it” … Continue reading

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The 3-ring Circus

With the arrival of the autumn solstice last Saturday, a cool & wet blanket covers over the Washington DC area.  This seasonal change however does not dampen the fervor cloaking over the Capital. It’s a 3 ring circus in Washington … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 23 Sep 2018

It has been two weeks of transition from my marathon in Erie, PA to off-season, a time typically marked by gradual healing, reflective soul searching, and occasionally a sense of nullness. I say “typically” because this time I applied my … Continue reading

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What Makes Me Happy?

Retirement makes me happy, because I get to spend time on things I wanted to do. Running makes me happy, because it keeps me healthy and free. Practicing yoga makes me happy, because the movement is good for my mind, … Continue reading

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2019 Boston Marathon Registration Closed!

When I checked the Boston Athletic Association website yesterday, its headline reads: REGISTRATION FOR THE 2019 BOSTON MARATHON HAS NOW CLOSED FOR AFTER THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ATHLETES WHO QUALIFIED AND SUBMITTED FOR ENTRY HAS BEEN REACHED What a shocker.  … Continue reading

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