Day 6 week 19 – Carb Loading Time

8 mile easy pace, humid & 78 degree.

With the Eric marathon just one week away, I am getting into the final preparations for this event.  Carb, short for carbohydrates, loading is one of such final details.

The demand of running 26.2 miles mandates I intake as much carbohydrates as my body can store as fuel source prior to the race.  It is one of those un-natural tasks that would make the Weight Watchers cringe and goes against common sense nutritional guidelines.

But carb loading is a race strategy that every marathoner I know uses.  How to do it right so carb loading can enhance your performance?   Here is an article that provides the details.  But I want to highlight from the same article three common mistakes to avoid:

  1. not  much fat – to prevent unnecessary weight gain, fat is much harder to lose
  2. not too much fiber – to steer clear of potential stomach discomfort during running
  3. not unusual foods – to avoid stomach upset or last minute surprise, don’t risk anything new

What Carb loading tips have you tried?

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