Day 2 Week 20 – The Marathon Challenge

Day off, no running.

For many folks, marathon is a daunting sport.  Not only the endurance and speed demanded to finish a 26.2 mile race are not for the feint of hearts but also the inner strength required to face one’s own worst demons in completing the journey could be devastating.

Why then do people run marathons?  Well, here is my own explanation.

How often do we get called to come to the edge in real life, let alone doing so voluntarily? Doesn’t life already challenge us enough with its everyday turbulence?  This is the beauty of endurance sports.  They test our limits on our own terms.  Preparations, training, and determination are all within one’s control.

You reap what you sow.

Being an introvert, I thrive on opportunities in confronting my own potentials.  Only I know best what my strengths and weaknesses are like, and where I can improve.    And marathon is the standard of measure for me to endeavor as well as the opportunity to learn more about myself.

How do you improve yourself?

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