Day 4 Week 20 – Making Big Data Meaningful?

Rest day, no running.

Ever wondered about with all the data being generated and collected, what can we make out of the data and are they meaningful?

From a marketing point of view, the big data has been utilized mostly in business.  Because we human are creatures of habits.  The incentive for companies to know more about their customers and their habits is profit.  Because businesses can target their messages and be more cost effective.

But what about you and I?  What can we make out of the big data as individuals?  Data analyst, Susan Etlinger offers some practical advises in her TedTalk titled “What do we do with all this big data?

Even though the Talk is a bit dated but her points are relevant: people create data,  not the other way around.  It is the context behind the data that gives rise to meaning. In other words generalization of data without regard to context is misleading.  Best to use critical thinking in interpreting the context.

Do you agree that incorporating context to the big data allows us  to make better quality of life decisions?


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2 Responses to Day 4 Week 20 – Making Big Data Meaningful?

  1. That’s a great ted talk! Thanks for sharing!!! Love all the data collected for fitness purposes but I know where it’s going…


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