Day 6 Week 20 – Arriving at Erie, PA

Cloudy & 61 degree.

After 6 hours of drive, we arrived in Erie under a cloudy sky.   Temperature was on the cooler side.  But we (Alex, Brandon, Jamie, PJ, YC, and myself) were in high spirit.

The race packet pick up was a breeze. We basically just walked up, showed our ID, and got checked in. No wait and took little time. Such is the benefit of a smaller marathon.  And the course looked flat as advertised.

By now the rain forecast for tomorrow has been pushed back.  I am hoping to run and finish the marathon before the rain sets in.  So after a nice dinner and pleasant conversation with my fellow SRCers, I decide to turn in and get  a quiet night & some sleep.

Feeling calm and carb loaded, I am prepared for tomorrow race.  Now let’s see how well I execute.

What pre-race routines/ preparations do you follow?

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