Erie Marathon Afterthought

It has been 48 hours since I finished the Erie Marathon on Sunday.  I am in the recovery mode. My body still harbors the memory from 2 days ago.  It’s not only psychological.  More like physiological.

No question, the Erie marathon had the flattest course I have ever run. And its small field size gave plenty room for individual runner to maneuver.  But one downside about the race was its course surface – predominately concrete pavement and very unforgiving on one’s joints.

I trained for and ran the Erie marathon in sandals.  My legs were more conditioned to hard surfaces.  But in reviewing my marathon splits, I was surprised to learn my final 1.2 miles took me over 10 minutes to finish.

For sure I thought I was pushing harder and running faster than that.  Perhaps the truth was that I was more fatigued than I realized which explained why my shoulders and arms were sore.

What does fatigue feel like to you?

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