On Marathon Training

 Knowing is not the same as Doing. It can take months of effort to train yourself new habits for your behavior, work that no amount of knowledge can replace.   ~ Scott Berkun, Author

Marathoner earns a special spot in my heart.  Not only because I run marathon myself, but also I know what dedication is required to complete a 26.2 mile race.  Marathoners are doers, not talkers.  You can’t talk your way through a marathon.

For example, during the Erie marathon last Sunday, there was no one talking around mile 22.  At that point, I was dealing with a twinge on my right calf that started several miles back and trying my best by varying my paces to stave off a full-on muscle cramp.

Glanced around, I noticed others were similarly inward-focused.  Each dealing with their own inner demons.  We were in the same struggle – to challenge ourselves and push our limits.  It was our training that kept us in the race.

Do you agree that just because you know it, does not mean you can do it?



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