In Case Of Emergency

Where would I go?

With hurricane Florence hitting the Mid-Atlantic, I am getting lots of alert notifications from all sources.  Sources like the governments, phone company, bank, well intended friends, etc.

Being a retired government employee, I am acquainted with the concept of Emergency Preparedness. It is one of the mandatory drills that the agency has to prepare and practice.

So, even the hurricane is away from Washington, DC,  I decided to comb through the various alert notification and see if there is anything important that I missed.

And lo and behold, I come across this one – decide where you’ll go if evacuated.

I never thought about if shelter-in-place is not an option where would I go?  Obviously that decision would depend where the disaster is and travel away from it.  But besides that, where would I go?

Nearest safe relative’s, friend’s, or hotel’s location?

Where would you go in an emergency situation?

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2 Responses to In Case Of Emergency

  1. such a good question – and something I should have an answer to. Where I live in NZ we’re encouraged to be prepared for earthquakes – so rather than evacuating, our plans are often about staying put and having enough resources to support ourselves for several days. But I do wonder – if I could – where would I escape to?


    • terryshen says:

      Absolutely Claire. Staying put or “shelter-in-place” is the the preferred choice for me as well. But in a mandatory evacuation order that option becomes dicey. Because, it means getting left behind. Either way is a tough choice. Thanks for sharing your comment.

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