Erie Marathon Afterthought 2

Almost a week since I ran the Erie marathon, my body is still recovering slowly.  Besides the two 3 mile recovery runs during the week, today’s 7.5 miles is the longest distance I have attempted post marathon.

I say “attempted” because in spite of the seemingly relative ease of moving my legs, the fatigue accumulated from the marathon remain deep inside of my joints and connective tissues.  My legs are neither fresh or “bouncy”.

Certainly, 26.2 miles is no laughing challenge and fatigue is normal consequence for anyone attempting such feat.  But I believe if I had hydrated myself better during the race,  my body would not be as depleted and possibly avoided the cramping feeling.

The Erie marathon had water-stops at every mile which is wonderful and double the  norm.  I chose not to drink at every stop because I thought I did not have to on the account of the cool weather (high 50s).  I was fine during the early miles but . . .

A bit of hindsight but also room for future improvement.

Ever being too busy driving and forgot to get the gas? 

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