Week In Review – 16 Sep 2018

A post-marathon week, lots of reflections and contemplation, recovery, as well as waiting for the massive Hurricane Florence to make landfall.

My Erie Marathon took place last Sunday.  I finished the race with a time of three hours thirty-five minutes and nine seconds (3.35:09).  Three external factors contributed in achieving my goal:

1) the flat course  – Lots of marathons advertise that they have a flat & fast course and Boston qualifier.  But the Erie Marathon is the flattest course I have ever run, ever.  And last year, 44% of the Erie participants qualified for Boston.

2) the weather – it was forecast to rain on the race day, but as luck would have it the rain held off until after the race. The sky was cloudy and the temperature in the 50s during the marathon.  Quite ideal for running.

3) the race organization – the Erie marathon took place on the Presque Isle State Park, twice around the loop surrounding the park.  A small marathon (a field size of 2,200) and water stop/ portable toilet every mile made the logistics friendly.

And with that, my 20 weeks of marathon training comes to an end, and my attention, like many on the East coast, is drawn to the arrival of hurricane Florence.  While I am grateful the hurricane spared the Capital region, the folks at North Carolina are feeling the impact.

Have a nice week.

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