The 3-ring Circus

With the arrival of the autumn solstice last Saturday, a cool & wet blanket covers over the Washington DC area.  This seasonal change however does not dampen the fervor cloaking over the Capital.

It’s a 3 ring circus in Washington this week.  Not the Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey kind, but the politics as usual kind.  I chance on reading the news this morning and find the media outlets are filled with dramatic and yet laughable headlines.

In the center ring is the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination (did he or didn’t he have sexual misconduct),  to its right is the Rosenstein Deputy Attorney General’s departure (will he or won’t he be fired by the President), and the last ring is reserved for the Presidnet himself (trade war with China, Russian investigation, and the list goes on).

Not that the 3 ring circus is anything new.  But the one here in Washington DC is far less entertaining and way more oppressive if you happened to stumble upon it.  Best leave the media alone and turn to a book or something more productive.

How do you rate the quality of the news media?

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