Week In Review – 30 Sep 2018

Freedom, while positive in connotation, in extreme is neither comfortable nor productive.  Cases in point are prisoners and babies.  Neither are the preferred state for any society for sustainable operation.

Guarding against the extremes, freedom is checked by the concept of self which acts as a governor that “normalizes” us.  This balancing act of overcoming and checking oneself  becomes a perpetual part of human drama.

Speaking of human drama, Washington DC has its fill this week. Whether you are a political junkie, activist, or innocent bystander, there is no escape from the media frenzy. More reason for me to run and be closer to Mother Nature.

The other big news this week is that my quest to the Boston Marathon continues.  I would be lying to say I am not disappointed.  But I suppose that is my personal human drama.

Have a nice week.

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