What Is My Priority?

During my marathon training, I dutifully put in between 20 to 60 miles a week.  Needless to say,  that takes time and energy, lots of them in fact.  And I am usually exhausted as a result.

One would think that now off-season, I should have a windfall in my hand in terms of time & energy.  Reality is nothing even close.  The windfall disappears like pulling fist out of a bucket of water.  No trace.  Can’t even tell what was there before.

The strange part is at the end of the day I am still tired.  So where did my time and energy go?   The answer – I don’t know.  The scarier answer is that life sips through my fingers without me even noticing.

Yes, “fillers” are there and have been for a while.  House chores, yard works, and other fillers have their places in life.  After all, one can’t be putting out fire all the time.  Even the fire brigade has to tend to their equipment.  I got that.

But little filler here, little there, soon my whole day is gone.  And, I am left worn out just the same. Go figure.

Do you know where your time and energy went?

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