Is Customer Always Right?

Customer is important.  Absolutely.  Ask any business (and by extension government).  Plain and simple, customers’ satisfaction affects the company’s bottom-line.  This is why company like the Ritz-Carlton provides outstanding customer service in order to command the premium prices.

But is the customer always right? Is there a situation where the customer is wrong?  Given customer satisfaction lies in the eyes of the beholders, to what extent should anyone accommodate his/ her customer?  Is there an limit?

I say yes that there is a limit.  Majority of the customers are valuable.  They contribute to the core of the business, and the business exists because of their customers. However, there is the small percentage of customers that is not worthy of the return on investment.

I am talking about the customers who abuse their privilege.  Those who would return products at a drop of a hat, complain incessantly at the smallest inconvenience, refused to accept any resolutions other than their own.   In other words, the customers that simply not worth keeping.

From a cost and benefit point of view, it is best to let these customers go.

Do you agree that the customer is always right?

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