Week In Review – 7 Oct 2018

First week of October and it started out with a bang.  A new Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed after all the drama.  Certainly a feather in the President Trump and GOP’s cap.

May be also a preview for the Mid-term election to come next month?

In term of battling for the hearts and mind of the voters in November, what will this Republican win demonstrate?  Backlash from the women voters and Me-Too movement? Incompetence of the Democratic Party? Or a nation farther divided?

Hard to tell.  From the look of it, winning at all costs is the take-away and has the upper-hand.

Regardless, I would enjoy my moment of peace and quietness before things get heated up again. By the way,  amidst all the hoopla, I did manage to replace my front porch light this weekend.  Something productive at least.

Have a nice week.

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