Social Media – Take It Or Leave It?

Social media provide a platform for free speech which is a Constitutional Right in the US.  So one can imaging the wild wild west of topics and opinions that have proliferated the social media.

However freedom from government restriction (the First Amendment) does not mean others can’t retaliate  because (at least in the US) these opposite opinions too are protected.  What then happens to our civility?

Does the social media become the virtual UFC where we let it all hang out and beat each other to infinitude?  Or does some good result from the social media?

I think the latter.  The social media is a tool or avenue for our use.  It is amoral in and of itself.  Whether we use it as a forces of evil or good is up to us.  Examples like the Me-Too movement and fake news come to mind.

If nothing else, the social media provides an outlet for individual emotional release.  Some negative feelings are best addressed in the open than harbored in the dark chamber.  Besides if the social media gets to be intolerable, one always turn it off.  It is not only our right but our choice as well.

What’s your feeling about the social media?


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