Say Yes To An Interesting Life

“Life experience is preferable to material wealth,” a wise saying I must say so myself.  Read it from a travel blog which went on to say that travel is an excellent way to amass these experiences. And I agree.

For one, you can’t take material wealth with you, not all the time nor anywhere.  But life experience is different. It is between your two ears.  Through the connections you make, these life experiences will make you a better and richer person than any material things can ever achieve.

So instead of acquiring things, acquire experiences.  Think about the places you like to visit, people you like to meet, and adventures you yearn to undertake.  No need to be fancy or exotic.  But be clear on what make them interesting, and how accomplishing them would make you feel.

Then just do it.

What makes your life interesting?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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