Run Report for Late October

The chill in the air gave me second thought about if I dressed warm enough.  You see I was prepared for my run today.  But the sun looked warm and inviting.  And I hated to be overdressed while running.  Not only it’s bulky and uncomfortable, overdressing also takes the fun away from running.

Today, I opted for a pair arm sleeves with my normal shirt and shorts and left my vest behind.

As a rule, I rather under-dress when running.  After two miles, my body warms up regardless.  So starting out a bit cold works well for me.  It just the month of October is such a transition time weather-wise.  It always has me guessing on how to gear up appropriately before stepping out.

And, yes, there is the sun screen. Never forget.  As much as I appreciate the warmth the sun provides like today, it’s the UV lights that I had to watch out.

A few other notes – days are shorter and get dark early and stay dark late in the morning.  So the available daylight for outdoor running is less this time of the year.  I do not recommend running in the dark for safety reason.  But if you must, reflective gears and light are good ideas.

How is your run today?

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