Necessary Evils?

Being freewill and unbounded is marvelous except there are certain necessities in life that are inescapable. One comes to mind is survival. For instance we need air, food, water, shelter, etc. to survive. If I were to suck the air out of your space, reading this post won’t be your top priority.

Consequently, we trade time in return for our survivals. In other words, we work to put bread on the table and roof over our head. But as life goes, we don’t always get what we need, let alone what we want. These gaps are the “evils.” Like working longer hours with the hope of getting a promotion so you can afford a bigger home.

What’s wrong with wanting a bigger home, you ask? Nothing.

You see, according Abraham Maslow’s theory on human motivation, a satisfied need no longer motivates. So it is our human nature to challenge ourselves by setting higher goals. And that gap between our goals and realities only becomes evil when we lose sight of what is truly necessary.

Do you agree that our goals must be necessary?

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