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Stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  It is the secret to fitness training, and how a 101 year old set a world record for centenarian cyclist distance (in an hour).  According to the AARP, HIIT is one of the most important … Continue reading

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What People Skills?

When asked what skills do I have?  “People skills” is my answer. It may surprise some.  In that, I do have an engineering degree.  But this engineer can’t drive locomotive, ship, or airplane.  Like a Juris Doctor who can’t cure … Continue reading

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Fear & Anger

Fear and anger are our twin emotions much like uninvited guests, often overstay their welcome. Fear anticipates what negative will happen, and anger dwells on what negative did happen.  Their common root is that present moment gets sacrificed.  Which is … Continue reading

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Joy & Sadness

With Thanksgiving leftovers freshly consumed, time to pick up where my heart work left off.  Why?  Because the holiday season is laden with emotions and a good opportunity to explore what our heart is really feeling. Holidays are emotional –  … Continue reading

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Details, Details, Details

  Discover life’s meaning in the smallest things. “The devil is in the details” is a common phrase with a negative connotation – beware! Things could go awry if not careful.  Even with positive sentence, it works just as well.  … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 25 Nov 2018

Thanksgiving happened in US this week.   The holiday reminded me the passage of time – the moth then the year will soon be history.  Not saying that December is nothing.  Just the mood in me this traditional holiday evokes. Whether … Continue reading

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Son #2 surprised us with an unannounced visit from the West Coast arriving home in the wee hours on Thanksgiving Day.  Even though a bit confused at first, I nevertheless was happy to see him and glad that he was … Continue reading

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Heart Work Is Hard Work

Listening to or following your heart sounds deceptively easy.  All one needs to do is to listen deeply, find that voice from within, and follow it.  Simple, right?  What is my problem, you ask? My challenge is I can’t find … Continue reading

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How To Prevent Food Coma – A Reblog

Don’t let the holidays ruin your healthy eating habits. keep healthy snacks on hand eat slowly and take small bites drink lots of water even at parties (try alternate drinking) portion out the desserts recover/detox from food hangovers Source: 5 … Continue reading

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Happy Frigid Thanksgiving

Bitter cold is not only the forecast for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, but also the sound from the wind gusts hollering outside.  The holiday weather will likely “be among the coldest on record,” so says the meteorologist. I will spare you the … Continue reading

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