Hello November!

November and December are two exciting months of the year.  Unfortunately for me, they seems to fly by faster than any other months.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are popular times when family & friends get-together.  Things are going to be busy.

Now the month of November has begun, I couldn’t help but feel the butterfly in my stomach.  You know the feeling of fastening your seat-belt before the roller coaster about to roll.  Yup, that is the one (like a pre-race jitters).

[Not to mention, the midterm election has me occupied in early November already.]

The last thing I want is waking up one morning catching the actions in the rear-view mirror and wondering what had happened.  By then It will be too late.  Therefore my salvation lies in good planning and a bit of luck in maintaining my sense of balance to minimize any last minute surprises.

What is installed for you in November?  And are you ready?



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