Our Body Knows

Emotional outburst towards self or others is a consequence of our reactions to certain stimuli.  It is akin to the physiological aspect of stimulus & response but a bit more involved, given the human psychology & behaviors.

And, it starts with stimulus – could be words or behaviors from others.  But how we react to the stimulus is more in our control than one may realize.  In other words, what we say to ourselves in quite voice shapes our reaction.

Allow me to explain with a scenario:

Someone (Person A) says, “that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!”  Upon hearing that, Person B says (to him-/herself), “how dare him, I’ll show him that he can’t talk to me that way”  OR “suit yourself, everyone is entitled to his/her opinions.” The first response escalates the receiver’s emotional state while the second de-escalates.

The key here is how we (the receiver or Person B) choose to respond.  It may be a subtle choice, but if we pause (6 seconds) and listen to our body, the outcomes could be completely different.

We can bring about change in more constructive ways.  Let’s embrace it.  And perhaps less violence, tragedies, or whatnot will result.

Are you listening to your body?  What is it saying?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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