We are accustomed to routines.  Take the same path to our familiar places (work, school, stores) are normal.  That’s why we have routines, so we can be more efficient and potentially more effective with our lives.

Case in point is the computer algorithms which are written in routines and subroutines that are performed by machines meticulously.  In every corner of the world, computer applications have touched our lives and changed the way we operate.

However routines can’t handle surprises.  Despite best efforts, not everything in life is predictable, and unexpected things do happen.  Turbulent weather, road closure, and epidemic, among others, are unknown factors we are still contending with.

How well we deal with the unexpected is a test to our ingenuity and flexibility.

Collectively, the human specie gets an A+ for remarkable progresses in confronting our environment.  Individually, however, the jury is still out.  In spite our progress, much disparities in socioeconomic conditions remain.

How well are you dealing with the unexpected?

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