My Turn At The Helm

I feel cold.  Layered over my body are my hooded sweater, flannel pajama pants, and a long sleeve T.  On top of that, I hear the heater running in the house.  Perhaps it’s the rain outside that’s making everything cold & wet. 

Glance at the clock on the wall – dinner time is right around the corner.  A nice hot meal would certainly warm me up.  Only thing is that I am the one who has to make it (wife is out of town visiting my mother-in-law). 

You see, a gourmet chef I am not, more like a short-order cook.  Fast food is not for me, but I like the idea of cooking not taking too long.  And steak is quick except my body can no longer handle that much bovine.  

Whatever the dinner maybe, I better get on with it.  Because this body is not getting any warmer.

What’s your dinner tonight?

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