Details, Details, Details

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Discover life’s meaning in the smallest things.

“The devil is in the details” is a common phrase with a negative connotation – beware! Things could go awry if not careful.  Even with positive sentence, it works just as well.  Like the finesse is in the details.

What common is that details hold more value than what meet the eyes. Skimping over them incurs risks at one’s own peril.  Sounds rather simple and logical?  But it has taken me more than half a century to realize this point.

Just the other day, I was practicing my yoga moves.  A pose I had done hundred times at least.  But on that hundredth and one time, a detail clicked in and light bulb came on.  Which made the pose felt much different & more practical.

A small detail can make a world of differences.

What detail(s) have you discovered lately?


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