Joy & Sadness

With Thanksgiving leftovers freshly consumed, time to pick up where my heart work left off.  Why?  Because the holiday season is laden with emotions and a good opportunity to explore what our heart is really feeling.

Holidays are emotional –  more major the holidays, more hyped the emotions.  Like colorful pallets, our hearts are mixed with all kinds of emotions. Joy & sadness stand out in particular.  Joy for those who are present, and sadness for those are no longer with us.

But these emotions are really two sides of the same coin.  I  feel happy (in the presence of xyz) or sad (in the absence of xyz).  These feelings are results of what Buddhists called “attachments.”  Meaning I grew attached to people, things, or places.

Even though nothing in our world lasts forever, we are emotionally shackled to our attachments.  The Disney movie “Coco” which is available on Netflix illustrates this point wonderfully.

How do you want to be remembered?


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