Fear & Anger

Fear and anger are our twin emotions much like uninvited guests, often overstay their welcome.

Fear anticipates what negative will happen, and anger dwells on what negative did happen.  Their common root is that present moment gets sacrificed.  Which is unfortunate because present moment is what matters.

Not saying fear or anger has no place in our life.  Both are perfectly normal for human beings.  In certain scenarios, fear keeps us alive, and anger motivates us to improve. However, when in excess, these emotions crowd out the present and become unproductive.

Examples of excessive fear or anger abound.  Paralyzed by fear, people would not ride the airplane, sleep in the dark, or [fill in the blank].  Similarly, anger management is way too common a cause for confrontation and violence.  People’s behaviors get dominated by their imaginations.

Why surrender your free will to fear or anger?

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