What People Skills?

When asked what skills do I have?  “People skills” is my answer.

It may surprise some.  In that, I do have an engineering degree.  But this engineer can’t drive locomotive, ship, or airplane.  Like a Juris Doctor who can’t cure sick patients, my skills are different from repairing a flat tire or overhauling an engine which are hard skills that I do not have.

What is this “people skills”? And what can you do with it?

Glad you ask.  People skills has to do with behaviors that manage relationships from the self ascending to the group. Effective communication and interaction with others are behaviors that fall into this category of soft skills.  Not to be confused with the traditional skills of reading, writing, & arithmetic, people skills is one of the softer of all soft skills.

For example, I was a Project Manager in ship acquisition.  In other words, I bought ships.  I did not build ships.  That was the shipbuilders’ job.  I represented clients in ensuring the end product (ship) delivered was satisfactory in every respects.  Specifically, developing contract, overseeing construction, executing testing were my realm of business responsibilities. Which also meant, I dealt with a vast array of people.

Now retired, I still use my skills in political campaigning and community volunteering.  In my observations that many jobs require people skills, politician, of all people. represents the epitome of professionals with people skills.  Because their jobs depend on it.

How much people skills do you encounter?

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