Stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  It is the secret to fitness training, and how a 101 year old set a world record for centenarian cyclist distance (in an hour).  According to the AARP, HIIT is one of the most important fitness approaches that may reverse the effect of aging.

In running terms, it’s tempo intervals – running at an aerobic pace that is slightly faster than lactate threshold, followed by slower pace breaks, or recovery intervals between the fast repeats, at quarter of the repeat length (e.g. 2 minutes tempo and 30 seconds recovery).

Of course, HIIT is applicable to any aerobic exercises including walking, biking, weight lifting and even yoga.  As long as the exercise includes high intensity and intervals, the same approach can be easily incorporated.  Important note:  keep the breaks short so to achieve the training effect.

Want to give HIIT a try?

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2 Responses to H.I.I.T.

  1. Simon says:

    Yes. I am going to be starting up c5k this week.


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