Half Of Internet?

Every day upon waking up,  I turn on my cell phone and check what’s the news of the day, what the weather is like, and what’s in my inbox. Pretty standard stuffs I presumed.  And these activities, beside being on a mobile platform, are internet based.

Imagine my surprise when I learned more than half of the world are not connected to the internet according to the World Economic Forum.  Yes, some 3.9 billion people around the globe or more than 52% of the world’s population are still not online.

That’s every other person we are talking about.

Besides the disparity in information and knowledge sharing, a gross imbalance between the Have and Have-not exists in terms of the digital economy, disaster management, and data automation are examples come to mind.

Moreover, we are missing out on an opportunity to do better for our planet.

What good is the “World Wide Web” when only less than half of the people participate in it?  Isn’t a full brain better than a half brain?  Or put it another way: wouldn’t the Web be that much more useful when we get the majority of, if not all, people on it?

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