Self Knowledge

While running in the cold this morning, 22 degree Fahrenheit to be precise, a thought came to me, a Buddha moment if you will.

And the thought was how close am I to myself? How well do I really know myself?  Yes, I was running alone, and it was cold. How my mind not frozen was beside the question. But the genesis of the thought came from a talk by Bryan Stevenson that I saw early in the week.

The “power of proximity” says, to me, by being close we learn about details, emotions, and other nuances that would otherwise not be revealed. So who else is closer to us than ourselves? And yet how many of us pay attention to those intricate details?

Well, I know I take a lot of those details for granted.  Perhaps meditation helps. The Dalai Lama meditates, reportedly, four to five hours daily, and seems to be in tune with himself.  I am no Dalai Lama, and if anything I am distracted more than His Holiness is awake. But at least, I can try.

What complexity about yourself have you noticed?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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