Yoga Appeal

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I do yoga.  What appeals me about the yoga is its combined benefits of mind and body.  The meditative as well as the physical benefits from its poses and flow produce a synergistic effect right from the get-go that I find it hard to achieve elsewhere.

In meditation, I sit still and observe my mind.  No body movement other than breathing in and out.  In arm curls, I focus on lifting the wights with my arms.  It’s all physical.  But when I hold a “tree pose” for example in my yoga practice, it takes both my mind to concentrate as well as my body control for balancing.

Of course any exercises is good.  But to me for the same amount of time, yoga is more value-added and efficient.   It’s like getting two for the price of one with a holistic twist.  What is not to like?

Do you yoga?

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