Reblog: 5 Cold-Weather Running Myths

The official winter starts in three days (for northern hemisphere).  Whether you are hardcore runner or casual jogger, the five cold-weather running myths busters by MapMyRun provides useful tips.

Tips like hydration, layering, starting  your running into the wind, so you can have it at your back on the return, are good reminders for any levels of running enthusiasts.   What follows are my summary of the 5 myths for cold weather running and associated busters.

  • Myth #1  keep your routine the same – obvious no, changing your gears to account for the wind, cold, and darkness
  • Myth #2  given up on your routine –  not necessary if you follow the advice from #1 properly
  • Myth #3  don’t need water because not sweating much –  danger, danger, body is doing the same amount of work and needs replenishing regardless
  • Myth #4  body heat will keep you warm – a  true statement during the run, but your body will cool down quickly afterwards, so layering is essential
  • Myth #5  skipping stretching in favor of getting going –  danger, danger, sure way to risk injury with no stretching (in cold or hot weather)

Source: 5 Cold-Weather Running Myths, Busted | MapMyRun

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