Last Day of 2018

It’s a wet one on this last day of the year in Washington DC.  The Lame Duck  Congress, made more lame by the government partial shutdown for the 10th day straight, is in pro forma session.  Nothing will be done until the new (116th) Congress convenes on 3 Jan 2019.

On the other end of the Pennsylvania Avenue, it is a sadder affair.  The POTUS is holed up by himself in the White House looking for a wall he claimed the Mexican government was going to pay for it.  Five billion US dollars is the price tag.  Now the bill will fall on American taxpayer’s lap if the president gets his way.

But, guess what?  Life is good despite the above-mentioned.  Put it in perspective, I am grateful to have my health, family & friends, and this corner of the cyberspace to share my thoughts about running and other topics.  So as the 2018 ticking away into the history book,

Wish you realizing your dreams in the coming new year!

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