Week In Review – 6 Jan 2019

This week we crossed the years from 2018 into 2019.

Like most transitions there was a sendoff of the old and a welcome of the new.  But, unlike most celebrations, the day happened with little fanfare.  I went to bed early – did not stay up for the New Year’s Eve countdown.

The reason for treating the new year as an ordinary event is not demeaning it but to be mindful of the moment and making it extraordinary.  Think about it: everyday is a new beginning and can bring hope and miracles.  The 116th Congress is a case in point.

For the past two years, the POTUS with his party running the government has been unchecked.  But with the midterm elections, the Congressional oversight has been restored through the opposition party.  I am inspired by the system of checks and balances in our government that works.

Have a nice week!

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