The Snow Is Coming

Not according to any intrinsic telltale signs like my gut feelings or the time of the year.  But the authoritative weather forecast on my phone has 3 to 6 inches will be at the nation’s capital by this Saturday afternoon.

Thinking to myself: well, I have still two days to get ready (not really sure what to get ready for other than maybe milk and bread).  While contemplating, I notice that, in the blink of an eye, the sky turned dark.  Sun got swallowed & disappeared behind the clouds.

Suddenly the winds started to kick up like wild horses.  And what’s that stuff swirling in the air I see out of my window?  White snow flakes, sleets, or a mixture of both appeared in the thin air.  WHAT THE HECK!

Check my phone again, it now shows, after refresh, snow starting in 53 minutes.

Our relative who is visiting from the Golden State for the holidays is delighted by the prospect of precipitation.  She wants to see snow before her departure tomorrow.  Looks like she is getting her wish and the only one excited about it.

Because I am the one who has to drive her to the airport tomorrow.

A white Christmas sounds a lot better than snow after the new year don’t you agree?

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