Frozen In Place

Beginning of January.  Feel like I am frozen in place.  The only constant companion is the sound of the furnace – gallantly blowing hot air in battling this chill.  Can’t imaging what would happen if without it (i.e. the furnace).

Then again, hard to imaging the government would still be partially shutdown (for  the 20th day). Workers are locked-out without pay.   Actually saw this firsthand when I ran  Saturday at the  C&O Canal two days ago.

A national park with no ranger, no trash bag, no open restroom.  Only the signs posted that stated “due to  funding lapse . . ”  How long will it last?

Maybe I should think warm thoughts instead of the snow that is coming this weekend.  Making the matter worse, the winds are merciless.  Gusts kicking up to 50 miles per hour last night.  Their whooshing sounds kept me awake.

I wish I could say, like the Disney’s Elsa, the cold never bothered me.  But instead I will just let it go.

Try to stay warm.

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