Big Brother Is Watching (in China)

Came across this Youtube video on how the Chinese government is applying Big Data on its people.  And it’s not what you think.  At least not what I thought.

You see in the West (or the U.S. rather), Big Data are being utilized to influence people in marketing them products, services, or even candidates.  All good.  Because the consumers are in the know – they are trading personal information for preferred values.  But in any case, the government is prohibited from electronic surveillance of its people.

The last point is where the Chinese government’s Big Data project differs. The Chinese government is implementing its massive domestic surveillance system on its people for social control.  And this is not the first time the government doing something like this.

China had implemented a One-child policy until three years ago that limited the number of children parents can have in order to control its population.  Yes, it is true.  The project lasted thirty-six years and created an entire generation growing up without siblings.

Go figure!

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