Winter Sessions

The piles of snow this winter and the wind chills are keeping me off the road more than I like.  But upside of this confinement is the space it created in my days to practice more yoga and meditation.  Both are my favorites and independent of the weather.

And guess what?  Just like what Bryan Stevenson mentioned about Power of Proximity, I am picking up nuances from both practices that I would otherwise miss.  Not only that, these insights and subtle details have synergistic effects on each others.

For instance, in concentration meditation, I focus on one thing, my breathing.  Which crosses over to my yoga flow – synchronizing my breath with movement. Similarly,  the core strengthening poses in my yoga practice also enables my sitting posture during the meditation.

Love the synergy.  The only downside is this: neither my yoga or meditation burns enough calories (at least not yet) like running would.  As a result, I am getting rounder and heavier during these winter sessions.  SIGH.

What’s your preferred winter activity?

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