Do Not Despair

“No man is completely useless; he can always serve as a bad example.”

When relations get bad, a life ring of some sort is just everyone needs.  The above quote is such life ring for me.  Don’t know where I heard it from.  But the quote has helped me through many relationships.

Whenever I reached the end of my ropes with someone and about to give up on that individual, the quote gets me off the ledge and offers a different way to look at the situation.

It diffuses whatever pent-up emotions I would have. And calmer mind prevails eventually. “No one is completely useless” affirms the fundamental truth of human value and avoids the trap of dogmatism.  It is rational.

Perhaps, I did not try hard enough.  And if I did try my best to no avail, the option remains for me to learn from “a bad example.”  So I know what not to do.  Yes, the quote is uplifting because it allows me to see alternatives.

What is your go-to life ring?

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