Of Hopes And Lies

The optimistic proverb of Alexander Pope, “hope springs eternal,” is rooted in facts, according to Deborah Mills-Scofield, not fantasy.  Otherwise, it’s no different from dreaming!  A critical distinction worthy of repeating that hope is “rooted in facts.”

American voters were apparently dreaming back in 2016, electing Donald Trump as the president.  Their hope was based on little facts and mostly lies.  And the lies continued even after the election.

Don’t get me wrong that having hope is important.  As Mills-Scofield wrote, without hope we are nothing.  But our hope must be based on concrete evidences resulting from our struggles – actual experiences, not false news or self deceiving lies.

If nothing else, by 2020 Donald Trump would have given the American people 4 years of actual experiences and plenty causes to push through their struggles. Perhaps then, hope springs eternal. Or the dream continues.

What is your hope? What are you struggling against? Or is it just a fantasy?

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