My Morning Routines

I am changing my morning routine.

When training for a marathon, my morning routine typically is a run.  For 20 weeks, I have a training plan that transforms me from average Joe to marathon man.  Day in and day out, the morning workouts not only get me in shape for the 26.2 mile race but also shape my days.

In training, I am fresh and alert after the workout – blood & oxygen flushed through my body. The benefits are not only a fit body but also a sharp mind.  In essence, a healthy life style that is built on my morning routines.

Now off season, I miss that morning routine.  Before rolling out of my bed, I reach for my phone.  Checking the news, weather, email, etc. I am sucked into what’s going on in the world, before I am even out of the bed.  The tidbits, stresses, and other happenings fill my yet fully awaken mind.

The result is a reactive mind and less than healthy life style. Yes I am stuffing my brain with information, but I am not beginning my day with intention – what do I want my day to be.  Unconsciously, I cede my morning moment to someone else.  And the result is not my best self.

Hence, the change.  Similar to my morning runs, I will move my meditation to the morning.  The meditation duration needs not be long: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. to start and gradually work it up to half to an hour.  My intention is to connect with myself, set my daily agenda, and get back to a healthy life style in the off season.

What is your morning routine?

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